Reading is fun

Reading is a subject in which I feel confident about but in reading aloud I get a bit nervous. I have learned listening to others about what they think of a book. Over the past few weeks in 5th grade I became a bit more fluent in reading aloud but I'm still not good at thinking of connections, predictions and observations. I enjoy reading for fun and I enjoy reading for work. Over the few years that I have read I now realize that I do not read different genres I always stick to realistic fiction and fiction books. Almost all the years I have been here in HKIS every year my teachers would read a fiction book or a realistic fiction book but when I came to 5th grade Mr.Daw read us a historical fiction book 'Honus and Me'. I realize that other books are interesting to not just fiction books. I like the way the school is teaching us how to read by reading in between the lines and seeing a movie in your head. Reading beyond the book is what I love the most over here at HKIS. I love the way Mr.Daw reads with expression in his voice I try every day to have it in my voice. I will try to learn to read better every day.

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