Story of Learning Specials

Chinese Studies

I'm confident in my Chinese this year because I've moved in to MSL which mostly focus's on speaking Chinese rather than MNN which is for the people who are fluent in Chinese. I was put in MNN because I started learning Chinese at a young age but now I've asked my parents to move me down so after the move I've become more fluent in Chinese. I've also become more fluent in Chinese because I have a chinese tutor come to my house on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I've become more fluent at speaking but I'm not ready to talk to people who speak fluent Chinese but I'm getting there.


I'm improving in my art because now I can draw portraits of people and I can draw they're faces properly. i started to learn this year how to draw portraits I've just recently finished my Great Ape Portrait which is when we are given a picture of an ape and we sketch the basic parts of the face then we move on to all the details. Last year I made a portrait of a horse except not with real horse colors like brown, white and black we had freedom of colors even if the colors were different the horse had to look life like but mine didn't look very life like but now after learning the basic shapes I could draw a human or an animal with bazaar colors and it would still look life like.


This year during music I've improved because I've naturally been able to read notes because I play piano and the violin but sometimes I would pause to find a note or to make sure I'm playing the note correct this year when we play on the xylophone its easier for me to look up and read the notes and practice immediately. I've also learned the way how to find out what sharps and flats there are in the music piece your playing its called the time signature it shows the flats and sharps you have. Music has always been easy for me.


This year during P.E. we've been learning a lot of different sports. I'm not athletic but I'm not so bad at it either. I like P.E. and I think I'm good at all the sports that we've covered this year but I'm not the best at them. I enjoy P.E. but sometimes P.E. is hard for me for example during the unit of Volley Ball I'm good at serving but I'm terrible at digging. Digging is hard for me because some people in P.E. class are really good at serving so the serve goes up really high and its hard to dig. I want to improve in a lot of things during P.E.


This year during counseling time we focused on a lot of things but mostly cyber bullying and bullying. I learn a lot during Counseling time but sometimes we review things that we've already learned in 4th and 3rd grade. Though we've already reviewed some of the topics we're learning I still pay attention and learn. Most people in my class look really tired during the class unless if we do some activites involving moving around.. I enjoy the class and I believe I'm good at it I just think that we should not review the things that we've already learnt.

Story of Learning

Story of Learning

Writing goals:
  • To use powerful describing words in all my writing pieces.
Reading goals:
  • To read a variety of texts (genre) each quarter of the year.
Math goals:
  • To recheck my work for errors in calculation.

I've done my goals this year well but I haven't achieved some of them yet. Two of the goals I've really been working on was thinking about reading different genres and using powerful words in my writing. I used to only read adventure and fictional books but now I've been reading poetry books and Journal books I've also been reading non fiction books. In my writing I've been focusing on using descriptive words. I think that I've improved using these words because of the synonyms we do during class it gives me wider range of words to use. My last goal was to re check my math work. I have been re checking my math work but I haven't accomplished the goal of doing it every time I do math so I haven't achieved that yet. Some of the new goals I have for the rest of the year is to re check my math work frequently, to read a little harder books then usual and to have a transition in my writing work. The goal I have for the sixth grade would be to keep my self organized and focused on one topic rather than to think about other things.

Some large success I've had were with reading. This year I was able to really think about my reading think about the book I'm reading. I've made inferences and I've made deep conversation with my literature circle. Some of my math successes were when I learned how to make Some of my large successes were when I learned how to convert fractions to decimals to percents. Some of the other successes I've had with writing were when I learned how to write an essay. Some challenges for me were when I had to make connections or predictions those were hard because some of the books I've been reading are fantasies and I can't come up with a lot of connections to my life. Some challenges in math was when I had to come up with probability. I'm not good with probability because sometimes I don't understand how you get the probability but after I got through it this year I understood it. Some things that have been challenges for me this year in writing were writing letters home. I'm good at this but I'm not so wonderful I need to work on adding everything that we're meant to I need to add all the details. I've done this by coming up with ways to add all the work but keep everything on one focus.

January 8th 2010

What is one piece of important learning in reading or writing you have gained this week?

In writing the most important thing I learnt was how you started and ended your essay. The beginning of the essay is almost the same as the ending of your essay it was hard for me in the beginning to start of like my ending but at the end I understood.

Explain how this has helped you in your reading or writing.

This has helped me in writing my essays because its easier to think about my topic more than how I'm going to end it because I usually don't think about the end and when I get there I spend to much thinking on how I'm supposed to end it but now since I know that its just like the beginning so I change the words then I'm done with my essay.

Explain the difference between a common noun and a proper noun.

A common noun is something using the name of its category like cat or boy but a proper noun is when you use the name of the person or the thing like the school could be HKIS that is their proper noun.

Time to Reflect Unit 4

1. Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers. For what kind of problems do you need to use division?

I think it is important to learn division in case you need to split money equally or you need to divide a big pan of brownies equally. Money problems like in between money problems like changing U.S.A. money into Hong Kong money.

2. Tell what part of this unit was the most difficult for you and why. Describe what you did to overcome any difficulties you had.

I think the most difficult part was using friendly numbers. Because I'm naturally good at doing division problems in my head in a certain way, so it was a bit harder to learn a new strategy, though I still think using friendly is a good way to divide in your head. When I tried to learn the friendly numbers I still couldn't understand so I went to my mom and she helped understand the use of friendly numbers.


One day Jesus went out to the lake people gathered around him so he went into a boat while the people stood on shore. He told them
"A farmer went out to sow his seeds. As he scattered his seeds some fell along the path then crows came up and ate them like the man who doesn't understand it then lets evil come and snatch away what was sown in his heart. Some fell on rocky places and sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow but when the sun came up the plants were scorched like the man who hears it and is happy but since he had no root it only lasted a short time. Other seeds feel among thorns which grew up and choked the plants like the man who hears it but worries about his life. Some seeds fell in good soil where it produced a crop, sixty times more then what was sown like the man who hears it and understands it."

The people on the shore learnt that they should act like the last seed, the seed which grows and produces more crop more then the seeds that were sown. I've learnt wile I was growing up that you have to grow up loving god and I should always stay fruitful just like the 4th seed.

Writing Reflection

What do I notice as a writer as I read through my work?

I notice as a writer I always make word misspellings, and I need to stop myself from using 'I' five times in a sentence. I always dig into an idea so I miss tiny little phrases so like:and, a, the. I want to improve on making sense to my reader and correcting all the little mistakes that I always make.

How have I changed as a writer so far?

I have changed as a writer during my time period at school by choosing better ideas to write about. I have also improved on my sentence fluency by making more sense in my writing. The last thing I have improved on in my writing is choice of words. I have improved on this because of Wordly Wise in my homework packet. This is only the beginning of the year so I hope that I improve even more in the rest of the year.

What are three things I do well as a writer?

Three things I do well as a writer are:
Thinking of good beginning as I revise my work
Coming up with ideas before I start writing my work
Adding a lot of details and facts to the story.
These are things I'm good at but I hope that through out the year I'll get better at the ones that I am poor in.

What are some things I want to get stronger at as a writer?

Some things I want to get stronger at as a writer are: Sentence fluency, correct usage of words, and putting phrases in at the right time.

What is my favorite piece, and what do I love about it?

My favorite piece is I have written in school is the letter to Mr.Daw because I enjoyed telling him about my summer and how I learn best.

I hope to acomplish all the things I'm bad in writing.
I liked playing factor captor because it helps us with learning our prime numbers and factors. Factor Captor is a fun learning game but it was a little easy but it still taught us how we find factors. Out of all the games I've learned using everyday math this one for me is my favorite.

Making an array helps people find factors because people will learn the numbers and they'll learn how they are supposed to be arranged. If you had the number 18 you could divide it by 2 by using the divisibility rules.

The lesson I enjoyed most was partial sums because its an easy way to add while thinking in your head but it is quite long. In the future I'll use columm addition but I'll use partial sums in my head. (maybe)