Writing Reflection

What do I notice as a writer as I read through my work?

I notice as a writer I always make word misspellings, and I need to stop myself from using 'I' five times in a sentence. I always dig into an idea so I miss tiny little phrases so like:and, a, the. I want to improve on making sense to my reader and correcting all the little mistakes that I always make.

How have I changed as a writer so far?

I have changed as a writer during my time period at school by choosing better ideas to write about. I have also improved on my sentence fluency by making more sense in my writing. The last thing I have improved on in my writing is choice of words. I have improved on this because of Wordly Wise in my homework packet. This is only the beginning of the year so I hope that I improve even more in the rest of the year.

What are three things I do well as a writer?

Three things I do well as a writer are:
Thinking of good beginning as I revise my work
Coming up with ideas before I start writing my work
Adding a lot of details and facts to the story.
These are things I'm good at but I hope that through out the year I'll get better at the ones that I am poor in.

What are some things I want to get stronger at as a writer?

Some things I want to get stronger at as a writer are: Sentence fluency, correct usage of words, and putting phrases in at the right time.

What is my favorite piece, and what do I love about it?

My favorite piece is I have written in school is the letter to Mr.Daw because I enjoyed telling him about my summer and how I learn best.

I hope to acomplish all the things I'm bad in writing.

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