One day Jesus went out to the lake people gathered around him so he went into a boat while the people stood on shore. He told them
"A farmer went out to sow his seeds. As he scattered his seeds some fell along the path then crows came up and ate them like the man who doesn't understand it then lets evil come and snatch away what was sown in his heart. Some fell on rocky places and sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow but when the sun came up the plants were scorched like the man who hears it and is happy but since he had no root it only lasted a short time. Other seeds feel among thorns which grew up and choked the plants like the man who hears it but worries about his life. Some seeds fell in good soil where it produced a crop, sixty times more then what was sown like the man who hears it and understands it."

The people on the shore learnt that they should act like the last seed, the seed which grows and produces more crop more then the seeds that were sown. I've learnt wile I was growing up that you have to grow up loving god and I should always stay fruitful just like the 4th seed.

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