Time to Reflect Unit 4

1. Tell why you think it is important to be able to divide numbers. For what kind of problems do you need to use division?

I think it is important to learn division in case you need to split money equally or you need to divide a big pan of brownies equally. Money problems like in between money problems like changing U.S.A. money into Hong Kong money.

2. Tell what part of this unit was the most difficult for you and why. Describe what you did to overcome any difficulties you had.

I think the most difficult part was using friendly numbers. Because I'm naturally good at doing division problems in my head in a certain way, so it was a bit harder to learn a new strategy, though I still think using friendly is a good way to divide in your head. When I tried to learn the friendly numbers I still couldn't understand so I went to my mom and she helped understand the use of friendly numbers.

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