Story of Learning Specials

Chinese Studies

I'm confident in my Chinese this year because I've moved in to MSL which mostly focus's on speaking Chinese rather than MNN which is for the people who are fluent in Chinese. I was put in MNN because I started learning Chinese at a young age but now I've asked my parents to move me down so after the move I've become more fluent in Chinese. I've also become more fluent in Chinese because I have a chinese tutor come to my house on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I've become more fluent at speaking but I'm not ready to talk to people who speak fluent Chinese but I'm getting there.


I'm improving in my art because now I can draw portraits of people and I can draw they're faces properly. i started to learn this year how to draw portraits I've just recently finished my Great Ape Portrait which is when we are given a picture of an ape and we sketch the basic parts of the face then we move on to all the details. Last year I made a portrait of a horse except not with real horse colors like brown, white and black we had freedom of colors even if the colors were different the horse had to look life like but mine didn't look very life like but now after learning the basic shapes I could draw a human or an animal with bazaar colors and it would still look life like.


This year during music I've improved because I've naturally been able to read notes because I play piano and the violin but sometimes I would pause to find a note or to make sure I'm playing the note correct this year when we play on the xylophone its easier for me to look up and read the notes and practice immediately. I've also learned the way how to find out what sharps and flats there are in the music piece your playing its called the time signature it shows the flats and sharps you have. Music has always been easy for me.


This year during P.E. we've been learning a lot of different sports. I'm not athletic but I'm not so bad at it either. I like P.E. and I think I'm good at all the sports that we've covered this year but I'm not the best at them. I enjoy P.E. but sometimes P.E. is hard for me for example during the unit of Volley Ball I'm good at serving but I'm terrible at digging. Digging is hard for me because some people in P.E. class are really good at serving so the serve goes up really high and its hard to dig. I want to improve in a lot of things during P.E.


This year during counseling time we focused on a lot of things but mostly cyber bullying and bullying. I learn a lot during Counseling time but sometimes we review things that we've already learned in 4th and 3rd grade. Though we've already reviewed some of the topics we're learning I still pay attention and learn. Most people in my class look really tired during the class unless if we do some activites involving moving around.. I enjoy the class and I believe I'm good at it I just think that we should not review the things that we've already learnt.

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